Out-of-the-box Item Indexing Filtering

The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on the default item filtering for Coveo indexes. This will let you know why, by default, certain Sitecore items aren’t sent to the Coveo indexes. This may perhaps also save you some time in configuring unnecessary filtering.

Default Coveo Index Crawling Roots

By default, Coveo for Sitecore indexes all items under /sitecore/content, as well as all items under /sitecore/media library/Files. These settings can easily be modified (see Change the Crawling Root of an Index).

Out-of-the-Box Filtering

By default, the Coveo.SearchProvider.config file <coveoInboundFilterPipeline> element contains enabled <processor> elements that automatically filter out certain Sitecore items from Coveo indexes. These processors exclude the following items from being indexed in Coveo:

  • items targeted by the processors defined in the Sitecore <indexing.filterIndex.inbound> pipeline,

  • all Coveo component data source items,

  • all but the latest version of each of your Sitecore items.

Having your Sitecore <indexing.filterIndex.inbound> pipeline processors applied on all your indexes, including the Coveo indexes, may or may not suit your needs. You can change Sitecore and Coveo for Sitecore configurations to apply some of your Sitecore <indexing.filterIndex.inbound> pipeline processors only to Coveo indexes (see Apply Sitecore Inbound Filters Only to Coveo Indexes).

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