Allowing Guest Users Access to Your Visualforce Community

Coveo for Salesforce 2.45 (July 2017)

As of the July 2017 release of Coveo for Salesforce, you can grant guest users access to your Coveo component in a Visualforce community.


Before attempting to make your Coveo components available in your Visualforce community, ensure that you have already performed the following steps:

Once you have performed these steps, you’re ready to allow your users access to your Visualforce community.

  1. In Salesforce, in Setup, search for and select Visualforce Pages (Build> Develop > Visualforce Pages).

  2. Next to the Visualforce page used in your Visualforce community, select Edit.

  3. Locate the line beginning with CoveoV2:Search Interface. In this element, add a anonymousUser parameter equal to your guest user username. The custom Visualforce search page could look like this:

     <apex:page standardstylesheets="false" sidebar="false" docType="html-5.0">
       <CoveoV2:SearchInterface mobile="false" name="myCustomPage" anonymousUser="" />
  4. Save the file.

  5. Ensure that your new component is accessible and added to your community:

    1. In Salesforce, in Setup, search for and select Sites (Build > Develop > Sites).

    2. On the What is a Site? page, enter a new domain name for your community, and select Register My Domain.

    3. Select your community Site Label.

    4. Next to Site Visualforce Pages, select Edit.

    5. Ensure that your custom search component is under Enabled Visualforce Pages.

    6. Select Save.

    7. Add your custom Visualforce Page to your community (see Add Tabs to Your Community).

Your guest users should now be able to access and use your Coveo component in your Visualforce community.

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