Endpoint deprecation and other endpoint-related changes

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Coveo initially went live into the cloud ten years ago. Since then, technology and practices evolved greatly.

As a result, to simplify the use and future development of its platform while still providing the same world-class service, Coveo will do the following on July 31, 2024:

  • Deprecate the Coveo V1 platform endpoint (cloudplatform.coveo.com).

  • Deprecate the Coveo V1 usage analytics endpoint (usageanalytics.coveo.com).

  • Force incoming requests to target the organization associated with the organization-specific endpoint used. For example, a query targeting organization myproductionorg sent to mysandboxorg.org.coveo.com will be blocked because it’s incoherent, while the same query via myproductionorg.org.coveo.com will be allowed.

  • Block analytics-logging calls made towards search and administration endpoints.

For details on the Coveo endpoints, see Deployment regions and strategies and Organization endpoints.


These changes will make it easier for Coveo to maintain its infrastructure in the future.

In addition, thanks to its new organization-specific endpoints (<orgid>.org.coveo.com), Coveo can handle traffic to your organization in a very targeted fashion. Should an issue with your organization’s traffic ever arise, Coveo will be able to handle it more efficiently.

Do these changes impact my organization?

Your organization is impacted if it does at least one of the following:

  • It still targets old Coveo V1 endpoints (cloudplatform.coveo.com and usageanalytics.coveo.com). You can review the endpoints in use in your organization settings, under Traffic (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au).

    Coveo Traffic panel
  • It misuses its organization-specific endpoints in ways such as:

    • Multiple organizations using the same endpoint rather than each organization using its unique endpoint.

    • Making calls to a non-production organization using a production organization’s endpoint, and vice versa.

Your organization is not impacted if both of these conditions are met:

  • It does not target any endpoint other than the following:

    • platform.cloud.coveo.com or platformhipaa.cloud.coveo.com

    • Any of the regional endpoints

    • analytics.cloud.coveo.com

  • Its organization-specific endpoints are already properly being used.

Next steps

The Coveo team has been reviewing traffic data to determine whether these changes affect your organization. If so, your Coveo representative will contact you shortly to help you update your implementation.

However, since it’s not possible for Coveo to review your code and rule out completely the possibility of an impact, we highly recommend that you check yourself that your Coveo implementation:

If you have any questions, contact your Coveo representative.