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The atomic-result-link component automatically transforms a search result title into a clickable link that points to the original item.


Property Attribute Description Type Default



Specifies a template literal from which to generate the href attribute value (see Template literals).

The template literal can reference any number of result properties from the parent result. It can also reference the window object.

For example, the following markup generates an href value such as

<atomic-result-link href-template='${clickUri}?id=${raw.itemtitle}'></atomic-result-link>

string | undefined


DEPRECATED Use the "attributes" slot instead to pass down attributes to the link.


Where to open the linked URL, as the name for a browsing context (a tab, window, or iframe).

The following keywords have special meanings:

  • _self: the current browsing context. (Default)

  • _blank: usually a new tab, but users can configure their browsers to open a new window instead.

  • _parent: the parent of the current browsing context. If there’s no parent, this behaves as _self.

  • _top: the topmost browsing context (the "highest" context that’s an ancestor of the current one). If there are no ancestors, this behaves as _self.