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See Display results to learn more about customizing your result templates.

The atomic-quickview component renders a button which the end user can click to open a modal box containing a preview about a result.

The atomic-quickview is not meant to replace the atomic-result-link to access an item in a result template; it has certain limitations (e.g., custom styles and embedded images/links may not work as expected in an atomic-quickview).


Property Attribute Description Type Default



The sandbox attribute to apply to the quickview iframe.

The quickview is loaded inside an iframe with a sandbox attribute for security reasons.

This attribute exists primarily to protect against potential XSS attacks that could originate from the document being displayed.

By default, the sandbox attributes are: allow-popups allow-top-navigation allow-same-origin.

allow-same-origin is not optional, and must always be included in the list of allowed capabilities for the component to function properly.


'allow-popups allow-top-navigation allow-same-origin'

Shadow Parts

Part Description


The button that opens the quickview modal on click.


The icon for the quickview button.