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Each Coveo organization has a license that limits its usage of the the Coveo Platform. Retrieving this license information can be useful in several cases, such as when you need to verify whether the organization is allowed to create a certain type of source.

The Coveo Platform API exposes a service that allows you to quickly validate the current limit status of a Coveo organization (see Get the Organization Limit Status).

Use the Get the organization license operation to retrieve license information about a specific Coveo organization.

You can also perform this action from the Coveo Administration Console (see Review Coveo Organization Settings and Limits).

Request template

GET<MyOrganizationId>/license HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <MyAccessToken>

In the request path:

In the Authorization HTTP header:

The body of a successful response contains the license organization of the target Coveo organization.

Sample Request

Getting the license information of a Coveo organization

Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer **********-****-****-****-************

Successful response - 200 OK

  "expirationDate": 1509076800000,
  "monitoringLevel": "REGULAR_MONITORING",
  "connectors": [
      "type": "AMAZONS3",
      "allowed": true,
      "sourceVisibilities": [
      "allowedSchedules": [
          "refreshType": "FULL_REFRESH",
          "scheduleFrequencies": [
      "type": "PUSH",
      "allowed": true,
      "sourceVisibilities": [
    [ ... ]
  "properties": {
    "IsAnalyticsLoggingEnabled": true,
    "IsMonthlyQueriesLimited": false,
    "OtherDocumentsLimit": 0,
    "IsRuleEditorEnabled": true,
    "IsOtherDocumentsLimited": false,
    "usageAnalytics": {
      "limitNumberOfEvents": false,
      "queriesPerHourLimit": 3000,
      "applyDataRetention": false,
      "permissionFilterLimit": 100,
      "monthlyEventsLimit": 300000000,
      "dailyEventsLimit": 10000000,
      "customDimensionLimit": 25,
      "limitAPIUsage": false,
      "namedFilterLimit": 400,
      "reportLimit": 500,
      "exportScheduleLimit": 25,
      "dataRetentionPeriod": "P3Y",
      "exportLimit": 25
    "IsContentPersonalizationEnabled": true,
    "IsPushDocumentsLimited": false,
    "IsExternalContentEnabled": true,
    "content": {
      "licenseExtensionsLimit": 10,
      "numberOfExtensionsPerSourceLimit": 20,
      "numberOfSourcesLimit": 15,
      "numberOfSecurityProvidersLimit": 15,
      "numberOfMappingPerSourcesLimit": 2500
    "IsMirrorsLimited": false,
    "IsLayoutPersonalizationEnabled": true,
    "PushDocumentsLimit": 200000,
    "MonthlyQueriesLimit": 50000,
    "MirrorsLimit": 0,
    "licenseExtensionsLimit": 10,
    "organization": {
      "numberOfSubscriptionsPerOrganizationLimit": 100,
      "numberOfSubscriptionsPerUserLimit": 5,
      "numberOfDailyEmailNotificationsSentPerOrganizationLimit": 2000
    "PublicTemplate": false,
    "IsDmsConditionalRenderingEnabled": true
  "type": "InternalOnly"