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The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework is a library that allows you to build visually rich, full-featured search interfaces.

These interfaces can work on their own or be integrated seamlessly on any site.

The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework is designed to be extensible and customizable by anyone familiar with standard web technology (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS).


If you’re new to the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework, you’re first encouraged to read the Getting Started Tutorial (see JavaScript Search Framework Getting Started Tutorial)

This tutorial is geared toward developers who have at least some knowledge of JavaScript. Having worked on a Node.js project before is also an asset.

Getting started

If you prefer not to do the tutorial, here are a few links to help you getting started:

If you’re using the On-Premises Search API, you should first and foremost see Use the JavaScript Search Framework with the on-premises Search API.


You can find reference documentation about the various components and options on GitHub (see Coveo JavaScript Search Framework - Reference Documentation).

For more information on usage or customization, see:

Source code

The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework project is openly available on GitHub with instructions on how to build the project locally if you want to do so (see the Coveo Search UI framework repository).

It’s distributed freely under an Apache 2.0 license (see Apache License, Version 2.0).

Questions and answers

You’re strongly encouraged to use the Coveo Technical Documentation search page. This page presents all of the Coveo documentation, and can prove of great help during your implementation.

If you still have questions about Coveo and its integrations, feel free to ask them on our Q&A Forum.