Adding the Viewed By Customer Component

Lightning Experience

Coveo for Salesforce 3.39 (August 2019)

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The ViewedByCustomer Component allows your agents to know which results the user clicked. It displays a Viewed by Customer label above the opened results. You can add this component to your Lightning Insight Panel.

  1. Access the Lightning Insight Panel.

  2. Access the Edit mode of the Lightning Insight Panel.

  3. Add the component with one of the following procedures:

    • Coveo for Salesforce 3.42 (November 2019) You can use the Interface Editor to drag and drop, move, or delete the component in the result template. You can modify the Label, if needed, or use the Visiblity checkbox to display an icon beside the results viewed by the customer.


    • You can access the Code View tab and insert the following code in a coveo-result cell, within a <div class="coveo-result-row"> element:

       <span class="CoveoViewedByCustomer"></span>

You can also add the Viewed by Customer component in the AttachedResults component by using the same steps directly in the Visualforce component.

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