Managing Query Pipeline Featured Results

The top results associated with your Coveo™ Cloud organization is a list of rules to ensure the results you want to promote appear at the top of the search results list when the query matches or contains a specific expression. You can use the Featured Results tab to improve search result relevance, leading users towards the item(s) most likely to satisfy the users needs (see Required Privileges). You can also decide to always place a certain item on top of the results list regardless of the user query.

You must sort search results by Relevance in your Coveo search interfaces to see featured results on top of the results list (see Sort Search Results and Changing How Results Are Sorted).

When managing featured result(s) rules, consider the following recommendations and tips:

  • Unless you want to promote specific items regardless of the user query, always add a condition to a promoted result rule.

    Featured result rules are effective the moment they are saved. Adding rules without at least a condition can have a negative impact on the search results relevance.

    You decide to promote results containing Bravia user guide without any condition. A user wants to know where to buy a Sony tablet. By performing the query Sony tablet points of sale, the user would first see results regarding Bravia TV user guides before any other results.

  • You can decide which results appear first when your users access your search interface or performed an empty query.

    You want your most popular products to appear on top of the search results list, so you promote the URI of related items.

When a query pipeline contains Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) models, avoid or minimize the use of featured result(s) rules. Featured result(s) rules are static and can thus negatively impact Coveo ML models which follow trends. Therefore, create featured result(s) rules with caution.