Exporting or Importing Query Pipelines Elements Between Organizations

You may have more than one Coveo Cloud organization, typically a staging organization (to test your changes without affecting users) and a production organization. Once you have tested a given query pipeline configuration change in your staging organization, you probably want to apply this change to your production organization. While you could repeat configuration changes from scratch in the production organization and thus, risk to forget a parameter, you can rather use Coveo Cloud Administration Console export and import features to easily transfer pipeline elements from one organization to another.


To export or import query pipeline elements between organizations

  1. Log into the Coveo Cloud Organization from which you want to export the pipeline rules (see Logging Into Coveo Cloud V1).

  2. Access the Query Pipelines page (see Access the Query Pipelines Page).

  3. Export the pipeline rules (see Export query pipeline rules and/or models).

    Note where you save the CSV file, because you will use this file to import the rules or models in the other Organization.

  4. Log into the Coveo Cloud Organization in which you want to import the query pipeline.

  5. Access the Query Pipelines page.

  6. When you want to keep existing query pipeline rules and models, export all rules and models (see Export query pipeline rules and/or models).

    Importing query pipeline rules and models in a query pipeline overwrites all existing rules and models (if any).

  7. Import the pipeline rules and models (see Import query pipeline rules and/or models).