Determine if the query pipeline is coded in the search interface

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In your Coveo organization, you can create several query pipelines to address the needs of your various Coveo-powered search interfaces and panels (see Manage query pipelines).

Your setup can also use mechanisms to select which query pipeline is used for a specific query (see Query pipeline routing leading practices and rules).

You must use browser developer tools to determine if a query pipeline is coded directly in a search interface.

To determine if a query pipeline is hardcoded in the Search Interface

  1. In your preferred browser, access your JavaScript Search interface.

  2. Open the developer tools console, and then select the Network tab.

  3. Back to the search interface, perform a query.

  4. In the developers tool console, select the last search event with a POST method.

  5. In the Payload tab, in the Form Data section, look for a Pipeline line and its value.

    The Pipeline line is present only when the pipeline is hardcoded in the JavaScript Search interface.