Using Many Knowledge Article Languages With Coveo for Salesforce Free

In Salesforce, you can have Knowledge articles of different languages that you want to query using Coveo for Salesforce. However, when using Coveo for Salesforce Free, there are certain technical limitations when it comes to multilingual Knowledge articles (see Coveo for Salesforce Edition Comparison).

This page explains in more details those limitations as well as the best workarounds.

The Coveo for Salesforce Pro and Enterprise editions don’t have those limitations.

Multilingual Knowledge Articles Limitations

Coveo for Salesforce Free has the following limitations with multilingual knowledge articles:

  • You can only display knowledge articles of a single language in your search interface.
  • When you want to present knowledge articles in the non-default language, you can only display one Knowledge Article type in one language.
  • You can’t display knowledge articles in the non-default language with other Salesforce objects.
  • Knowledge articles in the default language can be displayed with other Salesforce objects.

Leading Practices to Add Many Language Articles in Your Search Interface

Considering the previous limitations, the leading practices when wanting to add multilingual knowledge articles in a search interface is to dedicate a tab to one Knowledge article type of one language.

In your Salesforce organization, you have Knowledge articles of three different languages: English, Spanish, and French. All of your articles are part of the Knowledge object. Your default language is neither English, Spanish, or French.

Your search interface has three tabs: English, French, and Spanish, which respectively use the following tab filter expressions (see Coveo Tab Component - Expression):

@objecttype==(Knowledge__kav) AND @sflanguage="EN_us"
@objecttype==(Knowledge__kav) AND @sflanguage="es"
@objecttype==(Knowledge__kav) AND @sflanguage="fr"

Your search interface should look like this:

Language Addition Delay

When using the Coveo for Salesforce Free edition and adding new languages to your Knowledge articles, you might notice that they’re unavailable in your search page right away.

This is because the Coveo Search API needs to refresh the existing languages in its schema.

The delay between the language addition in Salesforce and the time at which you can start to query it can be up to an hour.

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