Search Interface Doesn't Return the Expected Results in the Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition

For the Coveo for Salesforce Pro and Enterprise equivalent of this page, see Search Interface Doesn’t Return the Expected Results in the Coveo for Salesforce Pro or Enterprise Edition.

Free edition only - Deprecated


When querying your Coveo components, you get a number of results, but not all the ones you expected to see.


There are several potential causes for this issue:

  • The user you’re using to query the component doesn’t have access to those items. This is the expected behavior.

  • The user who connected Coveo for Salesforce to your Coveo organization doesn’t have access to the objects or fields you’re querying.

  • You have not added the objecttype of your items in the query of your component. Since they rely on the Salesforce index, Coveo for Salesforce Free needs to know which objects need to be returned in your search page.

  • You have entered an invalid query in your component.


To solve your issue, review the following points:

  • Ensure that your user has access to the items they should have access to. For Lightning components, it’s possible to inject a second profile to ensure certain results are always returned, no matter who is querying the component (see Understanding the Advanced Lightning Configuration Options).

  • Ensure that the user who connected Coveo for Salesforce to your Coveo organization has access to the objects and fields you’re querying. If they don’t, then either grant them access, or reset the link between Coveo for Salesforce and Coveo Cloud.

    Ensure that the user resetting the link has access to all the objects and fields you want to return as results, is a member of your Coveo organization (see Manage Members), and is never going to be deleted from your Salesforce organization.

    We recommend that you create a dedicated Salesforce user that answers to those requirements (see Going to Production with Coveo for Salesforce).

  • Add all of the objecttype from which results should be returned in your search interface (see Using Custom Objects With the Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition).

  • Review all the queries you perform in your components, and ensure that it respects the Coveo query syntax. This may include in a tab, search interface, or as part of custom code you have written.

    You can view the final query your component sends in the Network tab of your browser Developer Console. For each performed query, two v2/ events are sent. The second one contains the sent query.

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