Upgrade from v2 to v3

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The Coveo CLI is on an annual schedule of major releases. The main change in Coveo CLI v3 is to the versions of Node.js that are supported.


  • Node.js v16 is no longer supported.

  • NPM versions prior to v10 are no longer supported.

Breaking changes

  • The coveo auth:token command no longer takes the token as a flag.

Upgrade guide

  1. Ensure that you’re using Node.js v18 or later. We recommend that you use Node.js v20.

  2. Ensure that you’re using the latest version of NPM.

  3. If you’re using coveo auth:token, don’t send the token as a flag:

    • If you’re using it on your own machine, you’ll be asked to enter your token after you execute the command.

    • If you’re using it in a headless environment, you’ll need to pipe the token in to the CLI.

      • With an environment variable:

        Before: coveo auth:token --token $MY_TOKEN

        v3: echo $MY_TOKEN | coveo auth:token

      • With a file:

        Before: coveo auth:token --token $(cat ./my-secret-file)

        v3: cat ./my-secret-file | coveo auth:token