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Coveo for Adobe is a book of recipes on how to index content and deliver relevant search, recommendations, and personalization in an Adobe Experience Manager website. These recipes are generic enough to be applied irrespective of the Adobe Experience Manager offering you’re using.


Coveo supplies generic connectors you can use to store your Adobe Experience Manager content in a Coveo index, notably the Sitemap and Web connectors.

In the Index content section, you’ll find a Sitemap and Web connector comparison table. Use this table to determine which connector will work best for you. The table also contains links to resources so that you may take full advantage of the features available in the chosen connector.

Coveo also has native connectors for many common systems. You can index all the content you wish to make searchable, in a single unified index.

Building the search solution

Coveo offers several options for building search interfaces in Adobe Experience Manager. The Build search section presents the pros and cons of each option.

The Atomic library is the recommended approach in most use cases and we’ve assembled numerous resources to help you expedite the process of building Atomic search interfaces. These include the blueprint on how the search page below was added to the We-Retail demo site.

A Coveo Atomic search page in the We-Retail demo site

Achieving relevance

Coveo Usage Analytics, query pipelines, and Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) models are powerful tools to drive relevance.

The Achieving relevance section explains what these tools do and how to leverage them in your implementation.