Extend controllers

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Headless controllers provide methods that trigger different high-level behaviors. When you call a method, Headless dispatches one or more low-level actions. For example, calling the submit method on the SearchBox controller dispatches actions to:

Controllers embed user experience decisions that we believe are best-practices for creating great search experiences. For example, submitting a query from a search box resets selected facet values to reduce the odds of seeing no results. However, it’s possible to change the default behaviors by overriding or adding new methods that dispatch a different set of actions. The following sample shows how to add a new method to the search box controller to perform a search request without resetting active facet values:

import {
} from '@coveo/headless'
function buildCustomSearchBox(engine: SearchEngine, id: string) {
  const baseSearchBox = buildSearchBox(engine, {options: {id}});
  const {updateQuery} = loadQueryActions(engine);
  const {updatePage} = loadPaginationActions(engine);
  const {executeSearch} = loadSearchActions(engine);
  const {logSearchboxSubmit} = loadSearchAnalyticsActions(engine);
  return {
    submitWithoutFacetReset() {
      const query = engine.state.querySet![id];
      updateQuery({q: query});

You can extend any Headless controller this way. It is possible to override existing methods, or add new ones that dispatch different sets of actions.