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This article explains how to leverage the atomic-search-box-instant-results component to display results whenever the user hovers over a query suggestion in an atomic-search-box.

To correctly render results related to a QS, atomic-search-box-instant-results must be placed inside the atomic-search-box component and a QS component. Components which can be used to provide QS include atomic-search-box-recent-queries and atomic-search-box-query-suggestions. Additionally, you can provide custom query suggestions if you wish to retrieve suggestions from an API external to the Coveo Platform.

Similar to how search results are displayed on the page, you need to define a result template which will be used by atomic-search-box-instant-results to render results.

This component can also be paired with the atomic-did-you-mean component for handling query corrections.

Code example

The following code sample shows you how to leverage atomic-search-box-instant-results to display instant results. You can copy-paste it, as is, to start playing with the concepts discussed in this article.


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Atomic Search Interface</title>
        <!--  import atomic library via a CDN -->
        <script type="module" src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/atomic/v2/atomic.esm.js"></script>
        <!-- import the default stylesheet for the framework -->
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/atomic/v2/themes/coveo.css"/>
        <!-- import custom stylesheet -->
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"/>
        <script type="module">

            (async () => {
                // whenDefined returns a promise that is fulfilled when the search interface is defined
                await customElements.whenDefined("atomic-search-interface");
                const searchInterface = document.querySelector("#search");
                // initialize configures a search endpoint and initializes every atomic component within the tag "atomic-search-interface"
                await searchInterface.initialize({
                    accessToken: "xx564559b1-0045-48e1-953c-3addd1ee4457",
                    organizationId: "searchuisamples",
                    organizationEndpoints: await searchInterface.getOrganizationEndpoints("searchuisamples"),
                // optional method to execute a query and display results right away
        <atomic-search-interface id="search">
            <atomic-layout-section section="search">
                <atomic-search-box> 1
                        <atomic-result-template> 2
                                    <atomic-result-link label="result-link"></atomic-result-link>
                                    <div class="rating-wrapper">
                                            Source : <atomic-result-text field="source"></atomic-result-text>
            <atomic-layout-section section="main">
                <atomic-layout-section section="results">
1 Ensure that a query suggestion component, such as <atomic-search-box-recent-queries>, and the <atomic-search-box-instant-results> component are placed inside the <atomic-search-box> component.
2 Define a result template inside atomic-search-box-instant-results. In this example, we provide a link to the suggestion being displayed along with information about the source from which the item originated.

If you’re using the Atomic React Wrapper, you need to define the result template via the template property, as in the following code snippet.


 template={(result: Result) => {
   return (
         <AtomicResultLink />
          {"Source: "}
          <AtomicResultText field="source"></AtomicResultText>