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The atomic-facet-manager helps reorder facets and their values to match the most recent search response with the most relevant results. A facet component is slotted within an atomic-facet-manager to leverage this functionality.

facet components that are slotted within an atomic-facet-manager are removed and reattached to the DOM by the facet manager. This means that the Stencil lifecycle applies to the slotted facets.

If you create your own custom facet component and slot it inside of the atomic-facet-manager, it will have to be able to handle the Stencil reattachment lifecycle. Alternately, you can place your custom component outside of the atomic-facet-manager, in which case the Stencil lifecycle won’t apply.


Property Attribute Description Type Default



The number of expanded facets inside the manager. Remaining facets are automatically collapsed.

Using the value 0 collapses all facets. Using the value -1 disables the feature and keeps all facets expanded. Useful when you want to set the collapse state for each facet individually.