Download Your Atomic Project via CLI

The Coveo Administration Console allows you to create Search Pages (platform-eu | platform-au) via two WYSIWIG editors, Simple Builder (recommended) or Classic Interface Editor.

If you choose the Simple Builder, the search page will be built upon the Atomic library.


Pages created with the Classic Interface Editor are built upon the JavaScript Search Framework.

A page created via the Simple Builder is a great starting point, but in most cases it needs to be heavily customized by developers. As it’s rather convenient to work with you page locally, you can download any page from the Administration Console via CLI.

This article explains how to do that in two ways.

Option 1. Copy the Command from the Administration Console

In Coveo Administration Console, there is a new action on the Search Pages table where the user can get information about installing the Coveo CLI and copy the exact command to their clipboard, allowing them to download the page directly in their new project.

Once you copied the command from the UI, you can paste in your terminal and run it.

Get the Download Command from the Administration Console

Option 2. CLI Command Prompt

When launching the coveo:ui:create:atomic CLI command without specifying a page ID, you will be prompted with a list of Atomic Search Pages that exist in your Coveo organization.

Choose the needed page and hit Enter to make the CLI download it for you.

Download your Project in the CLI