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Key metrics

Let’s start by taking a look at the key metrics you will use to gauge the impact the experience is having on your site.

When we talk about impact, we are looking specifically at the numbers of visitors and the number of converters.

You’ll find this information in the Health card, which you will find in the Overview tab:


The reported metrics are an aggregation of the visitors exposed to an experience—​this includes the control and variations.

Let’s explain each of these metrics:

  • Total visitors - An aggregate total of the number of visitors that saw the experience, across all iterations, over either the last 24hrs or since the experience went live

  • Total converters - An aggregate total of the number of visitors that saw the experience and then converted, across all iterations, over the last 24hrs or since the experience went live


For my experience, no metrics are being shown. What is the likely cause?

Currently in beta, the Health card is your first port of call for diagnosing issues with your experience.

When no metrics are being down, the likely cause is that visitors are not seeing your experience. This might be because your segment conditions are too restrictive or that the trigger conditions are not being met.

As a first step, we recommend working with a member of your development team to check segmentation and triggers are working as you expect.

We also recommend using the Qubit Explorer to make sure that the correct events are being emitted and that experience is being triggered as you would expect.

You can read more about the Qubit Explorer and validating your QP setup in Validating Your Setup.

What is a converter?

If your primary goal is Conversions, a converter could be a visitor that purchased on your site, but this is not always the case, because it depends on how conversion has been defined for your property.

Conversion could be transaction based but equally could be based on phone calls received or form submissions. For more information, please contact Coveo Support.

We define Conversion Rate as the number of distinct visitors that convert (converters) over the total number of visitors.

Why does Qubit focus on converters rather than conversions?

We believe that measuring converters is much more robust than conversions, which can be heavily biassed by resellers or visitors that make many transactions. For example, if the top 3 resellers all happen to get into the same experience variation (1 in 8 chance), it would likely win hands down over the control when assessed by conversions, even though it could have a much worse visitor conversion rate.

I’ve paused an experience but I continue to see conversions, why is that?

Any conversions that occurred before the experience was paused will be counted for two weeks after the experience was paused.