JavaScript Search Framework Usage Analytics

When present in a Coveo™ JavaScript Search Framework page, the Analytics component automatically performs HTTP requests against a REST service exposed through the Coveo Platform to log usage analytics events representing standard end-user interactions with a search interface (see Standard Actions and Usage Analytics Reference).

When you want to log usage analytics events for an organization in the HIPAA environment, ensure that you set the endpoint option of your Analytics component to Otherwise, the default production endpoint will be used.

<div class='CoveoAnalytics' data-endpoint=''></div>

Administrators can leverage recorded usage analytics data to evaluate how end users are interacting with a search interface, identify content gaps, and improve relevancy by generating and examining dashboards and reports within the Coveo Administration Console (see Coveo Usage Analytics Overview). Moreover, Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) models process usage analytics data to continuously improve the relevancy of their output (see Coveo Machine Learning).

What’s Next?

If the events automatically logged by the Analytics component don’t meet your needs, you will want to have a look at the following:

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