February 2017 Release (v1.2126.4)

The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework is available on npm (see Coveo JavaScript Search Framework).

The TypeScript Component documentation generated from the code is available on GitHub (see Coveo JavaScript Search Framework - Reference Documentation).


[JSUI-862] - Add new layout for ResultList (see Result Layouts)

[JSUI-1210] - Log proper analytics event when query suggest selection comes from external search box

[JSUI-1297] - Query Suggest - Change behavior depending on whether enableSearchAsYouType is true.

[JSUI-1298] - Query Suggest - Change behavior of <tab>

[JSUI-1299] - Query Suggest - Remove shadow text

[JSUI-1300] - Omnibox - Do not show query suggestions when changing app or tab focus

[JSUI-1363] - Card layout: Remove blue hover CSS when there is no ActionBar

[JSUI-1364] - Card layout: Add action for YouTube templates

[JSUI-1365] - Card layout: Adjust look of sort + layout section for mobile display

[JSUI-1366] - Card layout: Enable navigation / selection with keyboard on layout selector

[JSUI-1370] - Card layout: Log analytics event on layout change

Bug Fixes

[JSUI-1247] - When there is a FacetSlider with a graph inside a CoveoBoxPopup, it tries to set it to a negative height and crashes

[JSUI-1251] - QuickView with data-template-id is broken when using RequireJS

[JSUI-1269] - Indexless: Long Facet title causes misalignment of title and “x” button

[JSUI-1287] - Result binding with jQuery in result list: should provide jQuery binding if possible

[JSUI-1304] - SearchAlerts components do not log analytics events

[JSUI-1313] - Non-Matching type error when launching a query with special characters leads to another page

[JSUI-1321] - Anchor TemplateHelper is broken

[JSUI-1324] - ManageAlert button should be invisible when GuestUser accesses CommunityPage

[JSUI-1328] - Al-Double Click not working as expected with Cloud V2 Sources

[JSUI-1329] - FacetSlider: Text should not move to center when no result found.

[JSUI-1332] - alwaysOpenResultsInNewWindow=true does not work for Recommendation items

[JSUI-1339] - Recommendation hideIfNoResults does not work in responsive mode

[JSUI-1340] - Unable to slide the FacetBar in MobilePhone

[JSUI-1351] - FacetSlider should be hidden completely when there is no data

[JSUI-1358] - HighlightStreamHTML (CoreHelpers) incorrectly assumes that termsToHighlight is an array

[JSUI-1367] - External search box with OldOmniboxAddon does not trigger event correctly

[JSUI-1369] - PDF quickviews on iOs are cropped

[JSUI-1373] - Responsive mode: Facet breadcrumbs are misaligned.

[JSUI-1375] - CaseCreation: Header tab styling is broken after window browser is resized

[JSUI-1398] - Toggling icon should be moved closer to Settings icon

[JSUI-1401] - New Template: Color of the text when Expand Box Details is not consistent

[JSUI-1412] - MobileView: Missing FacetSettingsIcons in Mobile View when Facet title is long

[JSUI-1413] - MangeAlert buttons are hidden in Mobile View

[JSUI-1419] - HistoryController.setHashValues : Cannot read property ‘toString’ of undefined