July 2019 Release (v2.6459)

This page summarizes the improvements, new features, and bug fixes introduced in the July 2019 Release (initially released as v2.6459.4).

To download the latest version of this release (v2.6459.11):

Resource Script to include
Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (minified)
<!-- Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (with lazy loading) -->
<script class="coveo-script" src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.6459/js/CoveoJsSearch.Lazy.min.js"></script>
<!-- If you prefer to use the eager loading version, use the following link instead -->
<script class="coveo-script" src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.6459/js/CoveoJsSearch.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.6459/css/CoveoFullSearch.css"/>
Result templates
<script src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.6459/js/templates/templates.js"></script>

For more available resources, see CDN Links.

Release Highlights

New Component: MissingTerms

Issue number: JSUI-2454

The new MissingTerms result template component renders a list of query terms that were not matched by a given result item. This component is now included in the default result templates.

By default, the component allows the end user to click any missing term to filter out items that don’t match this term (see the clickable option).

New Analytics Feature: Push Events to Google Tag Manager Data Layer

Issue number: JSUI-2467

The Analytics component can now be configured to automatically push usage analytics events to a properly initialized Google Tag Manager data layer object.

Among other things, this new feature enables you to log usage analytics data from a Coveo JavaScript Search Framework interface to Google Analytics (see Log Search Page Usage Analytics Data to Google Analytics).

New Searchbox Option: height

Issue number: JSUI-2349

The new height option of the Searchbox component makes it easy to resize the searchbox without writing any custom CSS.

New Omnibox Option: querySuggestCharacterThreshold

Issue number: JSUI-2458

The new querySuggestCharacterThreshold option of the Omnibox component allows you to specify the minimum number of characters required in the search input before displaying available query suggestions when focus is on the component.

For example, by setting this option to 1, you can ensure that no query suggestions are displayed when the search box is empty.

New SimpleFilter Option: sortCriteria

Issue number: JSUI-2401

The new sortCriteria option of the SimpleFilter component allows you to specify whether to sort values in a given simple filter by ranking score (default), alphanumerically, by number of occurrences, or using the chi-square test.

New ResultList Option: enableScrollToTop

Issue number: JSUI-2413

The new enableScrollToTop option of the ResultList component allows you to specify whether to automatically scroll back to the top of the page when infinite scroll is enabled (see the enableInfiniteScroll option) and the end user interacts with a facet.

The option is set to true by default. Setting it to false would yield a behavior similar to what follows:

Improved Pilot Component: DynamicFacet

Pilot Feature

Issue numbers: JSUI-2442, JSUI-2482, JSUI-2513, JSUI-2397

The pilot DynamicFacet component has been improved in several ways:

  • Automatic padding has been added to dynamic facets so they no longer move around when the end user is interacting with them.

  • The FieldValue result template component is now compatible with dynamic facets.

  • Dynamic facets can now be used alongside certain non-dynamic facet components, though some limitations still apply (see Use Dynamic Facets Alongside Non-Dynamic Facets).

Other Changes

Issue number Enhancement
JSUI-2397 [DynamicFacet] Send dynamic facets state along with usage analytics search events.
JSUI-2463 [CategoryFacet, Facet, DynamicFacet] Send usage analytics custom event when showing more/less facet values.
Issue number Case Maintenance case
JSUI-2320 / JSUI-2507 00047446 / 00054093 Fixed accessibility issues.
JSUI-2488 00053573 Fixed issue with default date format.
Issue number Bug fix
JSUI-2335 [FacetSlider] Fixed issue where graphic didn’t correctly reflect the total number of result.
JSUI-2376 [Accessibility] Fixed tab navigation issue with Settings and Search buttons.
JSUI-2377 [Accessibility] Fixed issue where space key didn’t activate buttons.
JSUI-2390 [ResultsPerPage] Fixed issue where initialChoice was ignored if 10 was in choicesDisplayed.
JSUI-2394 [Accessibility] Fixed issue where the escape key didn’t close the facet settings menu.
JSUI-2398 [OmniboxResultList] Fixed issue where omnibox result list could push the rest of the search page down.
JSUI-2441 [OmniboxResultList] Fixed issue where omnibox queries were not properly flagged as search-as-you-type queries.
JSUI-2460 Fixed issue where certain usage analytics events were not sent when using IOS Safari.
JSUI-2465 Fixed error in ShowingResultsOfWithQuery localized string.
JSUI-2469 [CategoryFacet] Fixed issue where facet value counts were not formatted as in other types of facets.
JSUI-2475 Fixed console warning issue in IE11.
JSUI-2479 [Omnibox] Fixed issue where trending query suggestions were not updated when changing tabs.
JSUI-2490 [DynamicFacet] Fixed issue where dynamic facets couldn’t be retrieved after they had been removed through Tab navigation.
JSUI-2491 openQuickview events aren’t fired
JSUI-2493 [DynamicFacet] Fixed text underline issue in IE11.
JSUI-2495 [Quickview] Fixed hovering styling issue.
JSUI-2509 [DynamicFacet] Added loading animation.
JSUI-2514 [DynamicFacet] Fixed issue where component didn’t respond to data-tab attribute as expected.

Additional Changes in Maintenance Versions


Issue number Enhancement
JSUI-2581 Support tagging items viewed by user.


Issue number Bug fix
JSUI-2568 [FacetValueSuggestions] Fixed issue where component didn’t detect all facet types.
JSUI-2578 [FacetValueSuggestions] Added isCategoryField and categoryFieldDelimitingCharacter options so the component can handle category fields.
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