January 2019 Release (v2.5395.12)

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the January 2019 Release (v2.5395.12).

This page also covers the following maintenance releases:

  • v2.5395.6
  • v2.5395.10

To download this release:

Resource Script to include
Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (minified)
<!-- Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (with lazy loading) -->
<script class="coveo-script" src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.5395/js/CoveoJsSearch.Lazy.min.js"></script>
<!-- If you prefer to use the eager loading version, use the following link instead -->
<script class="coveo-script" src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.5395/js/CoveoJsSearch.min.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.5395/css/CoveoFullSearch.css"/>
Result templates
<script src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.5395/js/templates/templates.js"></script>

For more available resources, see CDN Links.

Release Highlights

CategoryFacet Component

The CategoryFacet component is now officially supported. This new component is essentially a revamped, simplified, and more efficient version of the now deprecated HierarchicalFacet.

See Using the Category Facet Component.

[JSUI-2271] Set Quickview Tooltip Position

You can use the new tooltipPlacement Quickview option to enforce a rendering position for its tooltip.

Full Release Notes

Issue number Enhancement
JSUI-2147 [SimpleFilter] Change usage analytics actionCause to deselectValue when logging event after un-selecting value in component.
JSUI-2158 [Facet/CategoryFacet] Send facetField metadata when logging facet-related usage analytics events.
JSUI-2180 Improve visual separation of options at top of Debug window.
JSUI-2207 [ResultActionsMenu] Automatically adjust icon tooltip rendering position based on root element.
JSUI-2271 [Quickview] Add tooltipPlacement option to specify component tooltip rendering position.
JSUI-2302 [Logo] Update Coveo logo used by component.
JSUI-2311 [Omnibox] Send tab argument when requesting query suggestions.
Issue number Case Maintenance case
JSUI-2221 N/A [Analytics] Add optional result parameter to logCustomEvent method to link event to specific IQueryResult.
JSUI-2241 00045390 Fixed issue where terms could be highlighted more than once.
JSUI-2316 00047228 [Accessibility] Made Breadcrumb and CategoryFacet components accessible through keyboard navigation.
JSUI-2319 00047394 [FacetSlider] Fixed division by zero issue when only one result was returned.
JSUI-2321 00047460 Fixed deprecation and vulnerability warnings in package.
JSUI-2324 00047583 [Facet] Fixed issue where using additionalFilter option resulted in Group By request ignoring the basic query expression.
JSUI-2326 00047633 Fixed string localization issue with date helpers.
JSUI-2352 N/A Fixed issue where adding the coveo-show-if-results class to an element didn’t always work as expected with many result layouts.
Issue number Bug fix
JSUI-2160 [PrintableUri] Fixed alignment issue.
JSUI-2213 [ResultLink] Fixed issue where using openQuickview option in child result template threw an exception.
JSUI-2220 [ResultList] Fixed issue where layout selector icons disappeared after resizing window.
JSUI-2240 Fixed More tab dropdown display overflow issue in responsive mode.
JSUI-2259 [CategoryFacet] Fixed facet search dropdown display issue in IE11 and responsive mode.
JSUI-2262 [CategoryFacet] Fixed issue where basePath option was not taken into account in facet search.
JSUI-2264 [CategoryFacet] Fixed issue where inactive CategoryFacet with basePath still added a filter to the query.
JSUI-2267 [ResultList] Fixed issue where pager became temporarily visible while scrolling down rapidly with enableInfiniteScroll set to true.
JSUI-2275 [Accessibility] Made Tab components in drop-down accessible through keyboard navigation when in responsive mode.
JSUI-2276 [Accessibility] Made Facet settings accessible through keyboard navigation.
JSUI-2293 [Querybox] Fixed issue where clear button overlapped with lengthy end-user input.
JSUI-2295 Fixed issue where debug panel search expression was not reset when an option from the header was toggled.
JSUI-2297 [SimpleFilter] Fixed issue where using @month as a field caused the component to display invalid values
JSUI-2299 [Omnibox] Fixed issue where query suggestions were not highlighted in searchbox initialized outside of its SearchInterface.
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