Add or Edit a ServiceNow Source

In order for your support agents and customers to be able to view items from your ServiceNow instance in their query results, you need to install Coveo™ for ServiceNow in your ServiceNow instance. Once this is done, you must create a ServiceNow source in your Coveo organization.

Source Key Characteristics

Features Supported Additional information
ServiceNow version Latest cloud version Following available ServiceNow releases
Searchable content types Knowledge base articles; Social Q&A questions, answers, and comments; catalog items; customer service cases; etc.
Content update operations Refresh

By default, the Refresh operation doesn't take account of deleted records.

Rescan Takes place every day by default.
Content security options Determined by source permissions Coveo for ServiceNow only partially supports ServiceNow permissions. Coveo supports ServiceNow base system roles, user criteria, ACLs, and domain separation. Coveo does not support ServiceNow advanced (scripted) permissions. However, you can replicate the advanced permissions using query filters, or you can use custom table fields to index user permissions in user criteria records with advanced permissions.
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