Add or Edit a ServiceNow Source

In order for your support agents and customers to be able to view items from your ServiceNow instance in their query results, you need to install Coveo™ for ServiceNow in your ServiceNow instance (see Installing Coveo for ServiceNow). Once this is done, you must create a ServiceNow source in your Coveo Cloud organization (see Creating a ServiceNow Source).

Source Features Summary

Features Supported Additional information
ServiceNow version Latest cloud version Following available ServiceNow releases
Searchable content types Knowledge base articles; Social Q&A questions, answers, and comments; catalog items; customer service cases; etc.
Content update Refresh

By default, the Refresh operation doesn't retrieve deleted records.

Content security options Determined by source permissions  
Source creator  

What’s Next?

  • Review the refresh schedule (see Edit a Source Schedule). By default, your source is rescanned daily.

  • To begin leveraging the content of your Coveo Cloud organization index in ServiceNow, you should replace your current Service Portal search page with a Coveo-powered search page (see Replacing the Service Portal Search Page).
  • Optionally, you can create additional sources in your Coveo Cloud organization.
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