Edit a Salesforce Source

Members of the Administrators and Content Managers built-in groups can include four types of Salesforce content to a Coveo Cloud organization: Service Cloud, Chatter, Content, and Knowledge. Each type covers different Salesforce objects and fields. The source can be shared or secured depending on the selected Salesforce content type(s) (see Content Security).

By default, a Salesforce source starts a refresh every 15 minutes to retrieve Salesforce file changes (addition, modification, or deletion).

Source Features Summary

Features Supported Additional information
Salesforce versions API 41 All objects from the latest supported API or below can be indexed. Objects that use an API version higher than the latest supported API cannot be indexed (see Standard Objects).
Searchable content types

Service Cloud standard/custom objects and fields, Chatter feed items and files, multilingual Knowledge base articles and attachments, and CRM content (binary files such as PDF).

Content update Refresh

Rescan or rebuild needed to retrieve:

  • Attached and detached KB articles from cases

  • Deleted KB articles.

  • Non-replicable deleted objects such as deleted ContentVersion (CRM Content and Chatter files) attachments and other items.

  • Changes that occurred more than 30 days ago since the last refresh (a scheduled refresh triggers a rescan).

  • Permission changes for a profile, permission set, object sharing, or object security level.

Content security options Secured

Does not support the following security aspects: Apex managed sharing, IP based permissions, field level security, shared personal groups (not reported by the Salesforce API), frozen users, and KB articles item permissions (see Salesforce Security in Your Coveo Cloud organization).


Edit a Salesforce Source

To edit a source, in the main menu, under Content, select Sources > source row > Edit in the Action bar.

  1. If not already in the Edit a Salesforce Source panel, go to the panel (in the main menu, under Content, select Sources > Salesforce source row > Edit in the Action bar).

  2. Optionally, consider editing or adding mappings (see Manage Source Mappings).

    You can only manage mapping rules once you build the source (see Add or Edit a Source).

  3. Click Save and Rebuild when you want to save your source configuration.

    Rebuilding is required to take into account changes made to the field mapping rules. If you do not rebuild, changes will only apply to new or modified items.

    Once the source is built or rebuilt, you can review its content in the content browser (see Inspect Items With the Content Browser).

What’s Next?

Review the default refresh schedule in which a source refresh starts every 15 minutes (see Edit a Source Schedule).

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