Edit Security Identity Provider Refresh Schedules

You can configure refresh schedules for a security identity provider. The security identities in this provider are then updated automatically on a regular basis, and may only require a manually triggered refresh when in error (see Refresh a Security Identity Provider, Refresh an Identity, and Security Identity State Reference).

  1. On the Security Identities (platform-eu | platform-au) page, click the desired security provider, and then in the More menu, select Manage schedules.

  2. In the Edit Provider Schedules panel, make the desired changes:

    • Next to Identity Provider Refresh or Identities in Error Refresh, select or deselect the check box to respectively enable or disable the refresh.

    • Under Identity Provider Refresh or Identities in Error Refresh, select the appropriate recurrence (minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), and then enter when you want the identities to be refreshed.

      • The daily Identity Provider Refresh during off-peak hours (at 4:00 AM UTC) configured by default is typically appropriate.

      • If you reduce the time interval between two refreshes, make sure that the new interval is significantly larger than the longest time required to complete a refresh, which is reported in the Activity panel (see Review the Activity Regarding Security Identities).

      • If the refresh options are grayed and unresponsive, you don’t have all required privileges to schedule security provider refreshes.

  3. Click Save. Changes are effective immediately.