Edit Security Identity Provider Refresh Schedules

You can configure refresh schedules for a security identity provider. The security identities in this provider are then updated automatically on a regular basis, and may only require a manually triggered refresh when in error (see Refresh a Security Identity Provider, Refresh an Identity, and Security Identity State Reference).

  1. On the Security Identities page, click the desired security provider, and then in the More menu, select Manage schedules.

  2. In the Edit Provider Schedules panel, make the desired changes:

    • Next to Identity Provider Refresh or Identities in Error Refresh, select or deselect the check box to respectively enable or disable the refresh.

    • Under Identity Provider Refresh or Identities in Error Refresh, select the appropriate recurrence (minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), and then enter when you want the identities to be refreshed.

      • The daily Identity Provider Refresh during off-peak hours (at 4:00 AM UTC) configured by default is typically appropriate.

      • If you reduce the time interval between two refreshes, make sure that the new interval is significantly larger than the longest time required to complete a refresh, which is reported in the Activity panel (see Review the Activity Regarding Security Identities).

      • If the refresh options are grayed and unresponsive, you don’t have all required privileges to schedule security provider refreshes.

  3. Click Save. Changes are effective immediately.

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