Administration Console Nomenclature

This article provides naming conventions for the Coveo Cloud administration console.

The administration console is divided into four main sections:

Administration Console Components

Administration Console Header Components

The same header appears at the top of all administration console pages.

Administration Console Header Components

1 Hide/show navigation menu
2 Coveo logo with a link to
3 Coveo organization selector
4 Member identification (service provider, name, email) with a logout option
5 Help menu
6 Organization settings

For further information, see Administration Console Header.

The administration console navigation menu is divided into several sections, which group related pages.

Main Menu Components

1 Menu section
2 Active page
3 Available section page

Status Components

The Status section expands when you hover over it (see Status).

Status Panel

1 Organization status
2 Systems status
3 Status details

Page Components

Many administration console pages have a similar page header, action bar, and table header.

Page Components

1 Page header
2 Action bar
3 Table header