Configuring JavaScript Search Result Templates With the Legacy Interface Editor

Coveo for Salesforce 2.3 - July 2015 

Coveo for Salesforce 1.0.901 - June 2015 

Coveo JavaScript Search Framework 1.0.20 - July 2018 

The Coveo JavaScript Search Interface Editor that comes with the Coveo for Salesforce V2 and V1 packages allows you to easily configure how search results of various types appear in a given search page or Insight Panel.

Coveo for Salesforce 2.26 - July 2016  A newer Coveo JavaScript Search Interface Editor replaces the legacy Interface Editor described in this topic (see JavaScript Search Interface Editor).

The Interface Editor allows you to define one or more search result HTML templates structured in configurable rows and cells into which you can drag-and-drop search results components. You can set a condition on each template to determine which template is applied for each search result.


1 Search result template grid
2 Search result preview (appearing when you edit a template from a search result)
3 Available search results components to drag-and-drop in the template grid
4 Down-arrow bar to click to show the template basic parameters
5 Tab to switch to the Code view

The All Content of your search page presents results of various Salesforce objects (Case, Account, Contact, Knowledge article) and from other repositories such as Exchange emails.

You can start with the appropriate out-of-the-box search result template that comes with Interface Editor and customize the template for each of these result types to present to your users the most appropriate information for each result type.

In the background, the Interface generates HTML template code in your search page (see HTML Result Template).