Can I Conduct a Performance Test on Coveo?

Coveo commits to conducting performance tests on its Cloud products, thus ensuring that the expected performances are achieved at all times. For details regarding the performances you should expect, refer to your Coveo Customer Agreement.

With Coveo ensuring the smooth functioning of its products, you should not need to perform stress or benchmark tests. Moreover, as per the Coveo Customer Agreement, you may not access the Coveo Cloud products for purposes of monitoring their availability, performance, or functionality, or for any other benchmarking or competitive purposes without the prior written consent of the Coveo Security Officer. Using any tool designed to automatically emulate the actions of a human user (such tools are commonly referred to as robots) in conjunction with the Coveo Cloud is also prohibited.

However, if you must conduct such tests for contractual or legal reasons, you are required to obtain an authorization from Coveo beforehand (see Performance Test Authorization Process). If you fail to do so, you could trigger a throttling process impacting your entire Coveo Organization, and Coveo could suspend service provision (see Why must I request an authorization?).