Adding a Gmail Source

You can add the content of your Gmail account to your Coveo organization. Coveo indexes the content of your Gmail messages and attached files. Google Contacts aren’t indexed. When you want to index more than one Gmail account, create one Gmail source per account. Your Gmail source starts an incremental refresh every 15 minutes to index Gmail file changes (addition, modification, or deletion).

Only the owner of the Gmail source can search the Gmail content. When you create the source, you authorize the Coveo organization to read your Google account using OAuth 2.0, a protocol that authorizes access without giving your password.

You can always revoke the Coveo organization OAuth 2.0 authorization (Coveo Search) from your Google account (see the Google item Revoke third-party access to your account information).

Source Features Summary

Features Supported Additional information
Gmail version Latest cloud version Following available Gmail releases
Searchable content types Emails and attachments
Content update Incremental refresh

A source full refresh or rebuild is needed to capture domain, primary email and email aliases changes.

Full refresh
Permission types Secured

Shared Only accessible once the source is created in the Sources page [Learn more]

Add a Gmail Source

  1. If not already done, log in to your Coveo organization.

  2. In the navigation bar on the left, under Search Content, select Sources, and then click Add Source.

  3. On the Add Source page, click Gmail.

    When you create a source, you become the owner of the source.

  4. In the Google Sign in with your Google Account dialog box, enter your Gmail address and the corresponding password, and then click Sign in.


  5. In the next Google screen, click Allow access to authorize the Coveo organization to index your Gmail content.


  6. Back on the Sources page, you can review the progress of your Gmail source addition (see Review the State of Sources Available to You).

In your Gmail configuration (Settings (cogwheel) icon > Settings > Labels tab), the Show in IMAP check box must be selected for All Mail otherwise no items will be indexed.

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