Accessing the Coveo Interface Editor

You can easily configure a Coveo JavaScript Search Framework search interface using the second generation JavaScript Search Interface Editor (see JavaScript Search Interface Editor).

The second generation JavaScript search Interface Editor is available in the following contexts:

Accessing the Interface Editor in Coveo for Salesforce V2

Coveo for Salesforce V2 users with the right permissions can use the Interface Editor to easily customize JavaScript search interfaces and Insight Panels integrated in Salesforce.

  1. Using a Salesforce account with Author Apex administrative permission, such as an administrator account, log in to the Salesforce organization hosting the Coveo JavaScript Search page or Insight Panel that you want to modify.

    • Your Salesforce user must have the Modify all data permission through a profile. The user will not gain access to the Interface Editor if the Modify all data permission is granted through a permission set. The Modify all data permission is required to gain access to the Salesforce Metadata API that the Interface Editor needs.

    • When a Coveo Organization is already connected to Coveo for Salesforce in your Salesforce organization, your Salesforce account does not need a Coveo Cloud account or permissions to be able access the Interface Editor.

    • It is recommended to first make changes to your JavaScript Search interfaces in a sandbox organization, and then deploy your changes in the production organization (see Deployment Overview and Change Sets Best Practices).

  2. Coveo for Salesforce 2.26 - July 2016  Ensure v2.26+ is installed in your Salesforce organization.

    Prior Coveo for Salesforce version include the legacy Interface Editor (see Accessing the Coveo Legacy Interface Editor in Salesforce).

  3. In Salesforce, navigate to the Coveo JavaScript Search page or Insight Panel that you want to modify.

  4. For a search page:

    1. In the lower-right corner of the browser window, click the Interface Editor menu button (SFInt-InterfaceEditorMenuButton).

      When modifying a Coveo Lightning component, you may need to switch to Preview mode to properly interact with the menu.

    2. SFInt-InterfaceEditorMenu2 In the Interface Editor menu, click Edit.

      The Interface Editor appears in a side panel on the right.

  5. For an Insight Panel, click Customize Panel.


Accessing the Interface Editor from Coveo Cloud V2 Hosted Search Pages

You can easily customize Coveo Cloud V2 hosted search pages using the built-in Coveo JavaScript Search Framework Interface editor.

Members with the View privilege on Search pages can access hosted search interfaces when clicking Open.

  1. If not already done, log in to your Coveo Cloud V2 organization with a user that is a member of a group with the required privileges (see Required Privileges).

  2. In the main menu, under Search, select Search Pages (see Search Pages - Page).

  3. In the list of search pages, to access the Interface Editor for a specific search page:

    • Double-click the line for the search page that you want to customize (do not click on the URL link, as this would rather open the actual search page in read-only mode).


    • Click the search page that you want to customize, and then in the Action bar, click Edit Interface.
  4. In the Interface Editor within which your search page appears:

    1. Use the Interface Editor features to customize your search interface (see JavaScript Search Interface Editor).

    2. Click Save to make changes immediately effective.

Required Privileges

The following table indicates the privileges required to view or edit elements of the Search Pages page and associated panels (such as the Interface Editor) (see Privileges).

Action Service - Privilege Required access level
View search pages

Organization - Organization

Search - Search Pages

Edit search pages

Organization - Organization

Search - Search Pages

Edit and make queries

Organization - Organization

Search - Search Pages

Search - Execute queries Enable

What’s Next?

Use the Interface Editor to add or modify JavaScript Search components in your search page (see Making Basic JavaScript Search Page Customization With the Legacy Interface Editor).