Reviewing the Search Usage Trends From the Summary Dashboard

The Summary dashboard is divided into the four following sections: Activity, Keywords, Relevancy, and Content Gaps. You can use this page to review the search activity, evaluate the search relevance, and identify the content gaps of your search (see Who Can Perform the Page Actions).

The purpose of the administration console Summary dashboard is to provide a quick overview of various search metrics, such as Query Count, Click-Through, and Average Click Rank, for selectable date intervals such as Last Week or Last Month. Lists of the top queries and keywords with low relevance and without results provide valuable information that can be quickly reviewed on a regular basis to help you identify usage trends and anomalies to determine when further analysis is required.

Information in this topic refers to the out-of-the-box Summary dashboard that can be renamed, modified, or deleted by a member with the required roles. Consequently, the Summary dashboard may be missing or modified in your Coveo Cloud organization. You can recreate the Summary dashboard using the Summary template (see Creating Usage Analytics Dashboards).

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