Adding a Google Drive for Work Source

When you have a Google Account with administrator credentials, you can add the content of your users Google Drive to your Coveo organization. The source can be private or secured (see Source Permission Types). Your Google Drive for Work source starts an incremental refresh every 15 minutes to index Google Drive file changes (addition, modification, or deletion).

Source Features Summary

Features Supported Additional information
Google Drive for Work version Latest cloud version Following available Google Drive for Work releases
Searchable content types1 Files, folders, comments and replies2, and user profiles
Content update Incremental refresh
Full refresh
Permission types Secured

1: By default the Drive for Work source includes files of the My Drive folder for each user. Shared items are included with the associated permissions, so that who ever is authorized to see the items can find them in Coveo search results.

2: The comments and replies are included in the coveo.comments and coveo.comments.authors metadata of their parent item rather than as separate items. This way, users can search for the content of a comment or reply and find the parent item.

Add a Google Drive for Work Source

To edit a Google Drive for Work source, see Edit the Source Configuration to Re-index its Content or Re-authorize the Access, and then follow the steps below, starting from step 5.

  1. Authorize your Coveo organization to access the Google Drive of your users:

    1. Create a Google API Console project (see Authorizing the Coveo Connector to Access Your Google Drive).

    2. Modify security parameters in your Google Apps account (see Authorizing the Coveo Connector to Access Your Google Apps for Work).

  2. If not already done, log in to your Coveo organization.

  3. In the navigation bar on the left, under Search Content, select Sources, and then click Add Source.

  4. On the Add Source page, click Drive for Work.

    When you create a source, you become the owner of the source.

  5. In the Add/Edit a Drive for Work Source dialog box:


    1. In the Source Name box, enter a descriptive name of your choice for the source.

    2. In the Google Apps Domain box, enter the Google Drive domain that you want to index.

    3. In the Domain admin email box, enter the email of a Google administrator account.

    4. In the Service Account Email box, enter the service account Email address previously obtained (see Authorizing the Coveo Connector to Access Your Google Drive).

    5. Click Choose File, and then select the private key file that you created before.

    6. (Optional) In the Users to index box, enter the emails of the users you want to index the content of their Google Drive.

      By default, all Google Drives content under the Google Apps for Work domain is indexed.

    7. (Optional) Select the Include trashed items and Index custom properties options.

    8. In the security drop-down menu, select if you want your Google Drive for Work content to be Private or Secured (see Source Permission Types).

    9. Click Start Indexing (or Refresh Index when editing the source).

  6. Back on the Sources page, you can review the progress of your Google Drive for Work source addition (see Review the State of Sources Available to You).

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