June 2018 Release (v1.4.3)

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the June 2018 Release (1.4.3).

Major Change

Save Changes Without Leaving the Interface Editor

You can now save the changes to your search page without leaving the Interface Editor. To do so, simply click the Save button.

You will also be prompted to save your changes if you click the Quit button without first saving your changes.

Restore the State of the Search Page After Editing a Component

The interface editor now restores the search page to its last known valid state when you finish editing a component.

For example, if you edit a facet while a particular tab is selected in your search page, the search page will reload with that same tab selected when you finish editing the facet. This improvement is aimed at making it easier and quicker to edit a search page.

List of All Changes

Issue Number Enhancement
IE-359 Allow users to save their changes without leaving the Interface Editor.
IE-319 Restore the search page to its last known valid state after a component is edited.
Issue Number Bug Fix
IE-218 Fixed issue where adding an empty sort would enter an invalid value.
IE-249 Fixed issue where, when specifying an option with a default value, entering the default value would clear the input field.
IE-305 Rephrased the data-field option and description for result templates to make it clearer.
IE-341 Fixed issue where the result template icon drop-down was partially hidden.
IE-344 Fixed issue where where the content template for the quickview component could not be edited.
IE-356 Fixed issue where icon names would overlap.