Syntactic event validation reference

This article provides a list of the syntactic event validation errors that the Event browser tab of the Data Health (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page may display.

Error Cause

Invalid type

The parameter is the wrong value type.

Invalid value

The parameter doesn’t match the expected value.

Missing parameter

The required parameter is missing from the event.

Regular expression mismatch

The parameter doesn’t match the expected regular expression.

Unexpected parameter

The parameter is not allowed.

Value not a valid date-time

The parameter isn’t a valid RFC3339 date-time.

Value not a multiple

The parameter isn’t the required multiple.

Value too high

The parameter exceeds the value count allowed.

Value too long

The parameter exceeds the number of characters allowed.

Value too low

The parameter is less than the value count required.

Value too short

The parameter doesn’t meet the minimum number of characters required.