Add or Edit an Adobe Experience Manager Source

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Adobe Experience Manager sources are automatically created by the Coveo Adobe Experience Manager Connector). Therefore, you should only manage Adobe Experience Manager sources from Adobe Experience Manager itself.

Members of the Administrators and Content Managers built-in groups may only edit Adobe Experience Manager JSON source configurations in the Coveo Administration Console on rare occasions following Coveo Support indications (see Edit a Source JSON Configuration).


The number of items that a source processes per hour (crawling speed) depends on various factors, such as network bandwidth and source configuration. See About Crawling Speed for information on what can impact crawling speed, as well as possible solutions.

Source Key Characteristics

Features Supported Additional information

Managed Services

See Supported Adobe Experience Manager Versions and Dependencies for complete list of supported versions.

Searchable content types

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Pages and assets

Content update operations


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Content security options

Determined by source permissions

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Source creator

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