January 2021 Release (v2.10082)

This page summarizes the improvements and bug fixes introduced in the January 2021 Release (initially released as v2.10082.7).

You can get the latest version of this release (v2.10082.9):

  • From GitHub (2.10082.9)
  • From npm (npm install coveo-search-ui@2.10082.9)
  • From the Coveo CDN:
Resource1 Script to include
CSS (minified)

With SRI:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.10082/9/css/CoveoFullSearch.min.css" integrity="sha512-klJLlRcnWJMpnpVsbK28NANU5nUsPb6YnMgJovVOMJhR6ApmP0C3N5zSSiQ/RAndKlVjEEpndkwJSiXV+VpCZg==" crossorigin="anonymous" />

Without SRI:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.10082/css/CoveoFullSearch.min.css" />
Framework (lazy loading, minified)

With SRI:2

<script class="coveo-script" src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.10082/9/js/CoveoJsSearch.Lazy.min.js" integrity="sha512-SD5ou50VdfvidvN+BMWKzhGVgpwsFzw0RXzjxO8kexmaQ/0by2RcZpCyphuZyT0bF7Tip16nMIqsLktSJ88aYQ==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Without SRI:

<script class="coveo-script" src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.10082/js/CoveoJsSearch.Lazy.min.js"></script>

With SRI:

<script src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.10082/9/js/templates/templates.js" integrity="sha512-uu361iGkzq8eo/FYkLHLnDsDwaON4Zp43MA3FOVbCjnAlJLR8vug8xsKt0WVqS2VIPfTmi9A+PD4ltalF/Jb8w==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Without SRI:

<script src="https://static.cloud.coveo.com/searchui/v2.10082/js/templates/templates.js"></script>

1: For additional resources, see CDN Links.

2: See Subresource Integrity.

Issue number Enhancement
JSUI-3161 Provide source maps to more easily debug minified code.
JSUI-3162 Update JSUI to use the new Coveo logo and branding.
Issue number Case Maintenance case
JSUI-3150 00064067 [Quickview] Fixed issue where highlighting could be inconsistent when terms were found in the thesaurus.
JSUI-3151 N/A [ResultLink] Fixed issue where relative URLs were not supported.
JSUI-3158 00064784 [FacetSlider] Fixed issue where the facet slider didn’t work in the Safari browser on iPad devices.
Issue number Bug fix
JSUI-3137 [DynamicFacet] Improved facet header collapse button.
JSUI-3142 Fixed issue where changing the orientation on mobile didn’t resize the interface.
JSUI-3152 Fixed issue where UA event was sent incorrectly when selecting a dynamic facet from the facet search drop-down section.
JSUI-3163 [AdvancedSearch] Fixed issue where <select> element icons were not aligned in IE11.

Additional Changes in Maintenance Versions


Issue number Bug fix
JSUI-3185 Fixed issue where the visitorId and clientId were different when logging usage analytics events.
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