2023-11-07 update

November 7, 2023 update

Filtering SharePoint Online content made easy

SharePoint Online tenants can contain massive amounts of content. Capturing only relevant items has a significant impact on indexing times, as well as search result freshness and quality.

New SharePoint Online connector filtering options are here, giving you the power to filter your content from various angles:

  • The rolling window ItemsModificationPeriod filtering option lets you define the items to index based on their last modification date, leaving outdated content behind.

  • The metadata ExclusionCondition filtering option lets you configure content exclusion conditions based on your content item metadata values.

  • Indexing only tagged sites is a two-step process. Coveo provides a procedure to tag your sites in SharePoint Online using a dedicated managed property. Then, you can use the associated SharePoint Online connector OnlyIndexSitesWithCoveoProperty filter to only target the sites tagged with a given managed property value.

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New SharePoint Online filters

Other SharePoint Online connector improvements

In addition to the numerous new filtering options, the SharePoint Online connector has also received several improvements.

  • Using certificate authentication, Coveo now runs refresh and rescan operations in parallel. This improvement allows you to have your updated items in your index more quickly.

  • Using certificate authentication, you can now leverage the SharePoint Online Sites.Selected permission giving you more granularity than full control over all sites.

  • Deleted user profiles are now detected during a refresh. Prior to this improvement, deleted user profiles were only reflected in your index after a rescan operation which would take time.

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