2023-07-20 Update

July 20, 2023 Update

Check your number of indexed items

Coveo is planning to start enforcing your limit on the number of items you can index in your organization, with a certain tolerance for exceedance.

In the past, Coveo never enforced this limit. The number displayed in the Settings panel was only an indication of what you agreed to in your license agreement. Going over the limit didn’t impact your organization.

Once Coveo starts enforcing your item limit, you will still be able to go over it. Coveo will allow an occasional, brief exceedance of up to 200% of the agreed upon number. This should give you the flexibility to conduct some tests or temporarily duplicate sources.

However, if you reach 200% of your allowed number of indexed items, source update operations will stop and be blocked until you delete some content from your index. This may result in discrepancies between the content displayed in your search interface and your actual content.

If you’re currently going over your limit on a regular basis or reaching the 200% threshold, your Coveo representative will reach out to re-evaluate your needs and discuss your options. In the meantime, you can use the following tips to reduce the number of items in your index:

  • Delete unused sources. Do you have any test or duplicate source that you no longer use? Consider taking advantage of non-production organizations and resource snapshots to conduct tests.

  • Check the Content Browser for unwanted items. Are there indexed items that aren’t of any use? Are some items indexed twice?

  • Check your analytics reports. Are there items that receive no traffic and that could be deleted from your index?

  • Review each source’s options and inclusion/exclusion filters. Consider adding source filters to fine-tune what your source indexes.

Item Limit Reached

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