2022-05-10 Update

May 10, 2022 Update

New Search Interface Builder

Coveo now offers an intuitive builder allowing you to create Atomic search interfaces.

It is meant to offer an easy, no-code way to build a simple search interface. The process takes just a few minutes and the resulting search interface is immediately operational since it’s hosted by Coveo. It’s ideal for test and demo purposes.

This new builder is an alternative to the Interface Editor, which allows you to create JavaScript Search Framework search interfaces. The interfaces built with the Interface Editor, which are now referred to as classic search interfaces, aren’t impacted and will continue to appear in the list of hosted search pages.

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Options to build a search interface

Support Email Aliases for SharePoint Online

You can now configure your SharePoint Online security identities so that your SharePoint Online repository’s content permissions are respected when a user logs in to a Coveo-powered search interface using a Microsoft 365 email alias.

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