2021-09-29 Update

September 29, 2021 Update

Login Page Enhancements

You might have noticed that Coveo’s login page has been rebranded.

In addition to the refreshed look and feel, a new authentication method has been introduced. The Log in with email option allows users to access the Coveo Administration Console via a link sent to their inbox upon request.

This easy, passwordless method has been implemented with the new users of Coveo in mind, especially those starting a trial from coveo.com. However, if you are satisfied with your trial and want to upgrade to a full licence, we recommend switching to a different identity provider for smoother management and increased security.

For seasoned users of Coveo, the other various login methods still work exactly the same.

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Login Page

SharePoint Filters

Include and Exclude Content From Specific Pages for SharePoint Sources

You can now configure a SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server (on-premises) source to include or exclude content from specific pages based on URL expressions.

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