2021-06-16 Update

June 16, 2021 Update

New Notification Center

A notification center has been added to the header of the Administration Console. For now, it allows you to access the Critical Updates and User Notifications pages. Additional features will be added in an upcoming release.

Notification Center

Web Source Configuration Tab

Web Source Configuration Tab Overhaul

The Web source Configuration tab has been overhauled in an effort to clarify and streamline the source configuration process. Changes include: ​

  • Moving the Content to Include section to the top and expanding it by default.
  • Renaming options (e.g., Crawling limit rate is now called Delay between requests).
  • Moving lesser-used interface options to the JSON configuration (e.g., MaxCrawlDepth, IndexExternalPages, RespectUrlCasing).
  • Grouping like options and information together (e.g., OCR options and User agent are now located in the Crawling Settings section).
  • Improving helper text and tooltips.

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