2020-08-26 Update

August 26, 2020 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Use the Coveo In-Product Experience Feature Directly in the Administration Console

Earlier this year, Coveo launched the Coveo In-Product Experience (IPX), a product designed to drive self-support inside a PaaS/SaaS product. IPX is now integrated within the Coveo Administration Console.

You can now access product help and documentation without leaving Coveo. In the Administration Console, in the right-end of the header, click ipx-icon.

A dropdown menu will then appear, allowing you to search for content that’s relevant to your users and related to the current page.

You can now contact your Coveo sales representative to integrate IPX inside your own products.

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New Result Ranking Query Pipeline Tab

Members of Coveo organizations that have gone through the query pipeline migration process can now access the Result Ranking tab of a query pipeline configuration.

From this tab, you can conveniently configure both query ranking expression and featured result query pipeline rules.

This feature will be eventually automatically enabled for all organizations. If you would like to try it out, contact your sales representative.

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