2019-11-19 Update

November 19, 2019 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Test Updates Before Their Official Implementation

The new Critical Updates page in the Coveo Administration Console allows you to review the important updates that will soon be implemented in Coveo. Since these updates may require extra validation steps or manual configuration in your organization, this page gives you the opportunity to proactively apply an update in order to test it and adapt your organization before this update officially becomes part of Coveo.

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Critical Updates page

Temporary Access page

Manage Temporary Access Requests

When you request help from the Coveo Support team, Coveo employees may need additional privileges to access your organization and investigate your issue thoroughly. On the Temporary Access page, you can review the privileges Coveo employees are temporarily granted for this purpose.

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You can now deploy the Crawling Module on more than one server and link all deployments to your Coveo organization. This allows you to index repositories that are located on different isolated servers.

In the Coveo Administration Console, the Crawling Module page shows the status of each of your Crawling Module deployments. Moreover, when adding or editing a Crawling Module source, you can select the deployment to pair with your source.

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Paired Crawling Module DropDown Menu

Reindex all child items on UpdateShallow option

New SharePoint Source Option

A new option is now available for SharePoint Server and SharePoint Crawling Module sources. When you check the Reindex all child items on UpdateShallow box, the children of an item that has been updated are reindexed at the next source refresh rather than at the next rescan or rebuild. This ensures that, if the metadata of the child items contains parent item information, this information stays up to date.

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