2019-06-10 Update

June 10, 2019 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

For organizations created after June 10, 2019, the query pipeline Featured Results component tab and panel have been improved. When creating a featured result rule in such an organization, you can now enter more than one predicate, such as if query is "Coveo", and select more than one item to display when a query matches one of these predicates.

Moreover, since you can now associate a language to each predicate, it’s possible enter a predicate in several languages and identify the corresponding language version of an item to display at the top of the search results. This new feature makes it possible to create a single featured result rule to display the item version corresponding to the language in which the triggering query was made, therefore improving the search experience of non-English speaking end users.

The improved Add a Featured Result Rule panel will be progressively implemented in organizations created prior to June 10, 2019 over the next weeks.

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New Add/Edit Featured Results panel