2019-05-21 Update

May 21, 2019 Update

Important Announcement

Update Your Atlassian Cloud Sources

Starting June 3rd, 2019, due to a change in Atlassian Cloud sites, Confluence Cloud and Jira Software Cloud sources will require an Atlassian account and an API token instead of a native user account and password for authentication. If you have such sources, you must edit them to provide the required information so that they continue to retrieve content after June 3rd, 2019.

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Coveo Relevance Cloud

New Add/Edit a Query Pipeline panel

Improved Add/Edit a Query Pipeline Panel

In the Add/Edit a Query Pipeline panel, you can now apply a condition to the pipeline you’re creating or editing. The panel also includes a new Access tab, which allows you to determine which groups and API keys can access your pipeline.

Moreover, since access to query pipelines is now granular, you can edit groups and API keys to grant each of them the privilege to view, edit, and create query pipelines.

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New Dynamic Navigation Experience Machine Learning Model

You can now leverage Dynamic Navigation Experience (DNE) models. This new Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) feature can modify search requests to fine-tune the ordering of facets and facet values, and provide slight ranking score boosts to items with relevant field values. Therefore, DNE contributes to automatically increase the visibility of the most relevant items, facets, and facet values.

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Dynamic Navigation Experience