2019-01-08 Update

January 8, 2019 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Extension Access tab

Extensions Access Management

In the Add/Edit an Extension panel, the new Access tab allows you to manage which groups and API keys can view and/or edit your extension.

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New Relevance Index Metric

You can now take advantage of the new Relevance Index metric. Among its improvements, the formula on which the metric is based now introduces the concept of confidence. Therefore, for the same proportion of Clickthrough and the same Average Click Rank, the new Relevance Index value will increase proportionally to the number of times a query is performed.

The previous metric is still available and renamed Relevance Index (Legacy). Existing cards will use the Relevance Index (Legacy) until edited to report on the new Relevance Index. Having the new and previous Relevance Index cohabiting allows you to compare both metric values and decide whether you want to transition to the new metric.

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