2018-11-13 Update

November 13, 2018 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

New Stop Words Tab

The Stop Words tab has been redesigned to ease the creation of stop word rules in query pipelines. Adding a rule in the table is now as quick and simple as typing the word that you want to be removed if present in queries, and then selecting Enter.

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New Detailed Summary Dashboard Template

You can now take advantage of the new Detailed Summary template to get a complete overview of your search interface analytics. The template assembled by Coveo’s Customer Success team provides an in-depth analysis of metrics ranging from query performance and search usage to machine learning evaluation and more.

Map and Bubble Chart Card Improvements

Map and bubble chart cards now have legends to help you visualize metric values for each card element at a glance without having to hover over a country or a bubble. The legend also offers the possibilities to hide irrelevant dimension values on cards and show the exact metrics values when hovering over legend items.