2018-04-25 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Test Machine Learning Models

You can now compare the behavior and effectiveness of machine learning models of the same type together or compare an Automatic Relevance Tuning (ART) model to the default ranking by performing queries and reviewing the returned results.

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Testing Model capture

Administration Console Dimension Time Series Card

Take Advantage of Dimension Time Series Cards (Beta)

You can now create dimension time series cards in dashboards to display dimension values over a time series. This new card type is useful to compare trends between values part of a dimension such as countries and search hubs.

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Quickly Saved Filters as a Named Filter

You can now save one or more existing dimension filters as a named filter to re-use them in other reports and data exports, or in the Visit Browser, without having to re-create them manually. A named filter could also reference another named filter to create more complex filters.

Save As Named Filter capture